A Popular Drink That Improves Your Brain Health

Drinking tea at least four times a week can improve brain efficiency

It appears regular tea drinkers have better organised brain regions – associated with healthy cognitive function – compared to non-tea drinkers.

Individuals who consumed either green tea, oolong tea or black tea at least four times a week for about 25 years had brain regions that were interconnected in a more efficient way.

Therefore drinking tea regularly may have a protective effect against age-related decline in brain organisation.

Previous studies have demonstrated that tea intake is beneficial to human health, including mood improvement and cardiovascular disease prevention.

tea drinking

For instance, the results of a longitudinal study led by Asst Prof Feng (2017) showed that daily consumption of tea can reduce the risk of cognitive decline in older persons by 50 per cent.

Following this discovery, Asst Prof Feng and his team further explored the direct effect of tea on brain networks. And it would seem the positive effects of regular tea drinking are the result of improved brain organisation brought about by preventing disruption to inter-regional connections.

More research is now needed to better understand how functions like memory emerge from brain circuits and the possible interventions to better preserve cognition during the ageing process.

Source: Scientific Journal Aging – June 2019

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