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How Exercise Motivation Really Works

Positive feedback is essential in helping people to stay motivated whilst pursuing any goal. However, research suggests that the increasing popularity of activity trackers (wearable’s) do not help most people achieve long-term motivation when it comes to exercise. Once the initial novelty (and intention) fades – and life circumstances intervene – motivation wanes. Whether the […] Read more

Exercising For Brain Health

On my way to a race at Knole Park (Sevenoaks) yesterday, the driver remarked: “I just hope there is a cure for Alzheimer’s in our lifetime”. There is I said: “Exercise!” They all (in the car) then gave me a slightly puzzled look as if I was bit loony. First a quick caveat: Yes there […] Read more

Dementia: Exercise Versus The Brain-training Apps

Dementia is one of the most shocking diseases because … It robs you of your memories, sharp thinking and steals what makes you YOU! Here are 7 early detection warning signs: #7 – Short-term memory issues… Example: “Why did I walk into this room?” #6 – Can’t find the right words to express yourself… Example: […] Read more

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