Don’t Make Decisions On An Empty Stomach


How decision-making gets more present-focused when people are hungry

A study recently asked participants questions relating to food, money and other rewards when satiated … and again when they had skipped a meal.

They Found:

People’s preferences shifted dramatically from the long to short term when hungry.

Hungry people were more likely to settle for smaller food incentives that arrived sooner
rather than a larger one promised later (impatient)

Being hungry also changed preferences for rewards entirely unrelated to food
– carrying over into other kinds of decisions.

Who This Might Affect:

Children going to school without having breakfast

People are on calorie restriction diets

People going food shopping when hungry

Who It Might Help

The upside of this is that this is potentially empowering

Now you aware of this effect, you may foresee and mitigate the effects of hunger
that might bias your decision-making!

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