About WellCoach

“YOU are your best ambassador
– you better look, feel and act the part!”

Today’s World Conspires Against The Best Of Us!

There are many barriers and roadblocks when it comes to living a healthy, active and success-orientated lifestyle.

Hence the growing demand for professional Life and Health Coaches worldwide who can inspire and guide you towards a richer life filled with passion, purpose and possibility.

Too often, talented professionals neglect to look after themselves fully because they are SO focused on their job or business, their families and generally hectic lifestyles in the pursuit of personal success and financial freedom.

The result? Burn-Out, Divorce, Job-Loss, Failed Business, Poor Health!

The WellCoach co.uk philosophy is to empower you to make positive personal and lifestyle choices as a means of helping you achieve success in ALL areas of your life.

Reignite Your Brilliance!

Are You Leading Your Life or Simply Following It?

The strength of your dreams must outweigh your fears!

YOU must be bigger than any of your problems!

Hence the focus is primarily on YOU

Who are you? What are your dreams and goals? Do you know? If so, how clear and confident are you?

Are you passively responding to what happens to you in life or are you proactively going after and moving forwards on what you most want?

The single best thing you can do to insure yourself against upsets in life is to become all that YOU can be!

So whereas others prescribe simplistic programs for you to follow, the primary emphasis here is on YOU

YOU get to design your program the way you want it to live your life on your terms!

Transform your life


Coaching and inspiring Corporate Executives to take charge of their Bodies, their Minds & ultimately Their Lives … To REIGNITE Their Brilliance!

“In the past I happy to go to the same old classes or follow the latest exercise videos as long as my weight kept down. As I got older however I felt I needed more of an incentive to keep exercising. Noel’s extremely professional approach, not just to exercise per se, but to all aspects of personal well being has given me all the incentive I need. I now have a better understanding of how my body works and how my lifestyle choices impact it too!” Audrey Le Bon

By taking responsibility for where you are at, WellCoach co.uk can help take you to the next level – and to the next after that.

Active Healthy Living need not be a sacrifice! But it does need to be a Priority!

Caring for and nurturing your mind and body is critical in today’s turbulent times and need not be complicated.

Optimal “Wellness” may be too grand a goal for you initially, but you can gain more energy, feel fitter and look younger within 21 days once you commit.

WellCoach co.uk can provide you with all the tools & resources to get there: Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition, Stress Management, Self Management, Lifestyle Design. In fact, everything you need to succeed in life, with your health intact!

That’s why WellCoach co.uk will help you .. Reignite Your Brilliance!

All the support, guidance and motivation you will ever need is here … in easily digestible formats.

trust the process

Stay Informed –  Stay Focused –  Stay Motivated –  Stay Educated – Stay WELL!

“The thing about you, Noel, is that I never know what to expect next. You are full of surprises. The difference you have made in the way I look and feel is amazing!” Louise Goncalves

My wish for you is simple:

1) you reassess your current lifestyle and stamp out stress
2) expand your life vision and sense of what is possible
3) impact other people in your wake!

“Now that I have passed 50, I’ve noticed that getting in shape and staying in shape is not as easy as before! Between my family and businesses, I am a very busy person and I need a motivating, efficient and progressive programme. Noel has helped me attain and retain positive results by creating just that type of programme for me.” Andy Hunter

I urge you to get out there and be brilliant. Be the best you can be. This is your one and only life. Don’t waste it! It’s time to become a better manager of your lifestyle, to invest daily in your health bank account and to build reserves of energy, resilience and social connection.

New Person

This is your invitation to join me and allow me to help you become the best possible version of yourself!

I look forward to teaching you the most advanced strategies and tools available today to help you achieve more and to reach for higher levels of performance and potential in your life!

“I can only say good things about Noel and his coaching methods. I have witnessed visible results and never wanted to miss a session, even after long working days or a night out! Noel is very knowledgeable but what is more important is that he adapts his style in such a manner that it is tailored and very diverse which kept me interested and challenged. We regularly discussed motivation and topics relating to well-being which helped make the experience more complete.” Florent Thevenin