Never Too Late – Whatever Your Age!


According to a new study, people who start running competitively in their 50’s can become as swift, lean and well-muscled within a decade as older runners who have trained lifelong.

In other words, it’s never too late to take up intense exercise training and begin banking many of the health and aging benefits of being an athlete.

Why This Matters

Masters athletes age differently than older people who are sedentary.

Competitive athletes in their 60s, 70s and 80s tend to have more muscle mass, stronger hearts and less body fat than non-athletes of the same age.

They have fewer long-term health conditions, take fewer medications, have fewer hospital or medical visits and their physical function is well above average.

So it’s quite a finding that it does seem possible to catch up with those who have trained several decades longer (and the advantages they enjoy).

That whatever our age, it may not be too late for us to become healthier …

And if we choose, to become late-blooming masters athletes!

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