Personal Training – Medway

Energizing Home Exercise / Outdoor Workouts

My style of Personal Training works best for mid-lifers aged 40-60 years. I apply advanced motivational skills, along with expert coaching, to ensure you leave each session more energized than when you started.

* Instruction – I will show you EXACTLY how to do every exercise correctly for you (no wasting time following ineffective and often unsafe exercises)

* Fun – If you don’t enjoy something you won’t stick with it…

* Support – I pride myself on giving exceptional overall support which is crucial in making consistent progress, keeping motivated and staying with it.

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No Special Exercise Equipment Required 

Through a combination of bodyweight, free weights, bands, balls, kick boxing etc, you will soon learn to utilise your body as a whole unit (mind included) to achieve results far beyond what you might expect to achieve on your own. I will get you feeling FITTER, STRONGER and LEANER fast but at a pace appropriate for you.

Group TrainingPartner training (2 people) and small group training (< 4 people) are also available. Just ask.

Why Me?

You will benefit from a Trainer like me, in his early 50’s, has worked with 1000’s of clients over a period of 29 years. I will help you install new healthy habits and ways of thinking (one of my key strengths) so that you achieve LASTING change.

However, I don’t take just anybody anymore. My clients represent me and I take pride in who I work with. Are you ready to demand 10X more from yourself? To get into the best possible shape .. NOW? Not in 3 months?

Can you honestly answer YES to the following questions …

* Yes! I want defined muscles in my arms, stomach and legs
(I want to look and feel my absolute best wherever I go)

* Yes! I want to have more energy
(I want to be on my A-game each and every day)

* Yes! I want to work with a master motivator
(I want to be challenged more than I would push myself)

If Yes! to all three, then contact me HERE

I’ve helped countless people get the athletic body and healthy brain they desire and can do the same for you. Important to me; most go on to become lifelong exercisers (that’s the ultimate benefit!).