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Energizing Home Exercise And Outdoor Workouts

Hi I’m Noel and I use advanced motivational skills alongside expert coaching,
to ensure you leave each training session more energized than when you started.

Personal Training

I promise I will get you feeling FITTER, STRONGER, LEANER fast (at a pace appropriate for you).

* Instruction – I can show you EXACTLY how to do every exercise correctly
(no more wasting time following ineffective and often unsafe exercises)

* Support – Crucial in making consistent progress, keeping motivated and staying with it.

* Fun – I know if you don’t enjoy something, you won’t stick with it.

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Why Me?

You will benefit from a Trainer like me (in his early 50’s), who has worked with 1000’s of clients over a period of 30 years, to help them get the healthy body / brain they desire (and can do the same for you). Most importantly to me, most go on to become lifelong exercisers (= the ultimate benefit!).

No Special Exercise Equipment Required 

Through a combination of bodyweight, free weights, bands, balls, kick boxing etc, you will soon learn to utilise your body as a whole unit (mind included) to achieve results far beyond what you might expect to achieve on your own.

Group TrainingPartner training (2 people) and small group training (< 4 people) also available. Just ask.

Also Athletes: My background is in Triathlon (Swimming / Cycling / Running). Again just ask.

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