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wellness journeyDid you know you are more likely to stick with healthy behaviours that – if instead of seeing Wellbeing as “arriving at a destination” – you view it as “completing a journey”?

The completion of “a journey” prompts us to reflect on how we had been at the start plus the ups and downs along the way (which equates to self-learning).

It helps you feel that you have changed; that you have become the type of person who engages in these types of behaviours (and hence more likely to stay with them).

A feeling of “personal growth” may well underlie the mechanism for this effect.

It also points to the appeal of signing up for ongoing Fitness or Wellbeing programmes (that stack up – and build on each other – over time).

Source: It’s the journey, not the destination. 

“Look at your fitness journey as a long-term commitment, not something to rush through. Instead of focusing on how little time you can get away with dedicating to your fitness improvement, focus on how much you enjoy moving your body in new and exciting ways. Focus on enjoying the journey not on crossing the finish line. If you want your fitness to last, there is no finish line. We’re in it for the long haul. So make it sustainable, meaningful and fun” – Brock Armstrong

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