Why You Give Up!


I started out in the Fitness (Wellness) Industry 30 years ago this month; here’s what I’ve learned:

1) Change is uncomfortable: It’s easier to maintain the status quo (= certainty). As a Personal Trainer, I would ensure that the start and end of a session were pleasurable and that clients just showed up in the beginning. It was more important to get them into the habit of exercising than to dwell too much on the performance itself. This would be my advice to you now. Just start moving towards a more healthy lifestyle – step by step. Know there will be some discomfort but ultimately there will be rewards “on the other side”. You give up when you have been tricked into believing it will be easy!

2) Not sure it is worth it. This is really a time or values issue. A good Coach can help you see how healthy living fits into who you are (your identity) and what you want from life (your goals & aspirations). We all have 2 essential choices in life – to survive (tread water each day) or thrive (move forwards in life with intention). You give up when you settle for survival mode!

3) Difficulty: The challenge is not understanding, it’s in the actual doing. It’s the difference between information (concepts & knowledge) and know-how (implementation) where people simply require additional structure and support in order to form new or improved healthy habits. Once again, just find ways to move more, eat better, sleep well and to fully recharge (= small steps). You give up when you allow overwhelm to win!

4) Life Happens: Unexpected distractions, obstacles and competing goals will occur. This reinforces the importance of the power of focus and in maintaining a clear compelling vision of where you are heading. Plus additional support and structure available to you. You give up when you believe success should be a linear (onwards and upwards) process!

5) Autonomy + Ownership: The more you believe in a method, the more personalised it is for you, the more likely your method is to work for you. You take ownership of it because you have exercised personal choice. That’s why fad diets can work in the short-term. You believe you have finally found “the answer” for you. You give up when you following someone’s else’s plan and start to lose motivation!

Bonus Tip: You give up when you say I know this! (But fail to explore ways of how you can turnaround these barriers – to better Mental & Physical Wellbeing – and implement them in your life, to better your life).

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