Working With a Wellness Coach

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You know you’re ready when:

1. Quick Fixes – “I’m done with quick fixes and want to make changes that last.”

2. Precious Asset – “I have decided that wellbeing is my most precious asset.”

3. Get off the Fence – “I am fed up with sitting on a fence and want to commit to a wellness path.”

4. Not about Weight – “I realize that it’s about wellness and not weight.”

5. Close the Gap – “I want to close the gap between where I am and where I want to be
when it comes to my wellbeing.”

6. Health Style – “I’d like to develop MY unique health style
rather than use one-size-fits-all approaches.”

7. Mental Game – “I know what to do and now want to master the mental game,
turning intention into reality.”

8. Peak Performance – “I recognize that to reach peak performance at home and work
I need peak wellness.”

9. Big Picture / Small Steps – “I know that an extreme makeover isn’t the answer;
I want to take small steps which are powerful.”

10. Confidence – “I’m finished with self-doubt and want to build confidence
in my ability to master wellness and stay on the journey”

And … You Can’t Wait! You want to beat the New Year’s rush and start today.

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WellCoach Noel Lyons holds a Masters degree in Exercise + Health Science. Mixing 30 years experience with Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Sports Science and Best Practice, Noel coaches high performers worldwide to thrive (both personally & professionally) by maximising their Wellbeing levels.